Resource Family Approval (RFA)

Resource Foster Families Needed in Calaveras!

Thousands of children in California's foster care system require out-of-home care because of parental neglect, abuse or exploitation. In Calaveras County there are many diverse children of varying ages and needs. These children have been removed from their own homes or families of origin by order of the juvenile dependency court. These children need homes to call their own. Many children require foster care while Human Services works with birth parents to build parenting and life skills designed to allow children to return home safely.

Who is a Resource Family?

Foster/adoptive Resource Families are people who are concerned about the well-being of children and their families. Resource Families care for children and assist their families with reunification services. These children need loving care and a sense of belonging until their own families are able to care for them again. Resource Families are also people who are interested in providing a stabilizing and permanent presence in a young person's life.

Being a resource foster family is a special kind of job with many demands and responsibilities. Acceptance, support and nurturing are critical in working with children who have experienced trauma. Foster parenting involves more than just attending to the basic needs of a child. Resource Families are also expected to collaborate with Human Services social workers and birth parents while the birth parents work towards reunification with their child.

You Can Be a Resource Family

You can be a foster/adoptive Resource Family if you are:

  • 18 years of age
  • Single or married
  • Financially self-sufficient    
  • Stay-at-home parent(s)
  • Working parent(s) with appropriate child care    
  • Home/Apartment/Condominium owner or renter

You Can Afford to Foster

  • A monthly reimbursement is provided to Resource Families to help with the cost of caring for a child.
  • Resource Families receive medical and dental coverage for each foster child.
  • Additional funds may be available for foster children with special needs.

Calaveras County Resource Families Receive

  • Training to enhance their knowledge and skills so they can provide the best possible care to meet the unique needs of foster children.
  • Support and supervision from agency workers.
  • The satisfaction of knowing they have reached out a helping hand to children and their families when it was so desperately needed.
  • The reward of knowing there is something of themselves remaining with every child and family long after child has left the home.
  • The knowledge that their own lives have been enriched in some way by each family they have helped.

Steps to Becoming a Resource Family

Becoming a foster/adoptive Resource Family is a simple procedure.  All requirements for becoming a Resource Family are intended to provide safety and stability for both the child and foster/adoptive Resource Family. 

  1. Complete the application forms
  2. Fingerprint all persons in the household over the age of 18
  3. Receive a Home Visit
  4. Obtain a First Aid and CPR Certification
  5. Complete the 12 hours of Pre-Approval Training
  6. Complete the Resource Family Questionnaire
  7. Meet with a Resource Family Approval (RFA) social worker

If you have a strong desire to make a positive difference in a child's life, help a family reunite, would like to become a legal guardian or adopt, YOU could be an approved Resource Family!

Interested in Becoming a Resource Family?

Start the process by filing out an online application using Binti link below.

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Fill out the required paperwork, electronically sign documents and monitor your progress toward becoming an approved resource family all online.

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